Saturday, 3 March 2012

Why I'm now against LCHF - read this!

Stig Bengmark wrote an article in a newspaper against the low carb - high fat diet:

"The LCHF guy"/kostdoktorn (nutrition doctor) then wrote this:

The last guy wrote that S. Bengmark has been retired a few decades. Well, it says on the link that Andreas (lchf guy) put on his post that S. Bengmarks retirement is most likely to take a long time (to happen) - pensionen lär dröja!

As I have mentioned several times before, S. Bengmark is working at the University of London where he goes through new studies 8-10 hours per day - so he is defently well updated.

I don't believe that Livsmedelsverket are right either, but I still rather eat as livsmedelsverket than LCHF, if I had to choose. I personally believe that the "stone age diet" and the mediterranean diet are healthy. 

Here are a few points why I don't believe LCHF is right:

  • The body isn't made for LCHF as it tears on the body when it has to use protein to transform glucose and some cells has to have glucose such as nerv cells and blood cells. 
  • The ones who speaks for LCHF are not being honest as they show research that is on a moderat intake of carbohydrates (around 30-40 E%) but they say it was a low carb diet.
  • They don't care that much about intakes of vitamines, antioxidants, minerals, HOW you cook the food (heating, frying etc that are producing substances that can give cancer but also AGE/ALE which gives inflammation in the body and from the inflammation - a list of other diseases). For example they say bacon is great - but first, pig has been shown to be unhealthy and if you also fry it then a lot of unhealthy substances will be produces. For LCHF it's all about carbs vs fat. It is far more complicated than that and many other aspects you need to consider.
  • They only show peoples blood lipids (cholesterol etc)  in general and the blood glucose after a meal and in general. It would be interesting to see how the inflammation looks like in the body and how the blood lipids looks like right after a meal (which would be very high), oxidative stress etc etc.. They are very narrow in these things and only cares about certain tests even though some other ones would be very important to check as well. There are sooo many more things you can test than just blood glucose!
  • The examples they are normally taking are fat diabetics. Their blood sugar will OFCOURSE be better when they don't eat anything that highers the insuline - but it's still not a healthy diet! There is so much more to health than your insuline
  • They also say that meat and milk products are good to eat - which has been shown to be unhealthy in many many studies.
  • It's bad for our planet. Even though they say that you don't have to eat meat or other foods that would be bad for the planet, I still haven't met a single person that eats LCHF that takes those things away.
  • They never speak about all those people that has tried it and gained weight or gotten sicker. So why can they not be self critical in these things if they believe that they are so right and everyone else are wrong?
 I'm sure there are so many more things to mention but these are the things that I was thinking about right now. One thing that I believe they are right in though is that it's not healthy with "fast carbs" such as sugar, white rice, bread and so on.

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  1. I'm a dietetics student and I get so frustrated when people worship the lchf diet.